Domain and e-mail included

The perfect online business card

A business-related domain is the first sign of a professional company. Imaging your site as your online "home". The domain is the address of the site that everyone will find and use to get to know you online and to reach your site. We will register for free a final domain for your site everytime you purchase one of our packages

See if the domain you want is available


The domain can be registered only after the purchase of one of the packages. If it's not available but it belongs to you, you can transfer it to your new site without having to pay any extra cost

Register or transfer your domain. It is an option included in the price!

Every site you purchase includes the registration of a final domain like

If you already own a domain, you can transfer it to Sitonline without paying any additional price. It will automatically be associated with the site you create with us.

Professional mail address like

According to the package you purchase, you will be able to open from 1 to 10 email address associated with your final domain

  • 1 GB for each e-mail address
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam
  • Webmail and POP3 access
  • Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird‚Ķ

Your clients are already looking for you online, start your journey right away!

Everydayover 15 million people search for products or services online. Is is therefore very important to have a very simple but well done website to be found.

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