It's easy, just a click

...and you're online just the way you want to be

Take advantage of how easy Sitonline is to customize your site in just a few clicks

All you need is a computer and an internet connection: no software to download and you can manage your site without any help.

Your easy but complete editor

Thanks to our simple visual editor, you can modify the texts with just a click and enrich them with images, photo albums,video and files.
Change the formatting, copy and paste text from word or from the internet to work as fast as you can. And if you change your mind? No problem, you can make changes any time you want.

With the YouTube integrated video source, you can add and upload your videos choosing the size position and color of the video player

Insert you logo, change the image of the header and choose the animation. You can also add music in the background and change the font of the title. In just a few clicks you site starts shaping up the way you want it to be and starts to reflect your professional image.

Take all the time you need

With Sitonline you can create your site in a few minutes, change the contents and show a preview of the results. In case you don't have time to finish your site right away. you can come back again and again. The changes you made will be automatically saved and you will find them the next time you access the control panel.

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